The State Employees Recreation Association (SERA) was established in 1968. Our Association is comprised of volunteers from Commonwealth agencies. We are a non-profit agency that provides group travel opportunities for employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and their friends and families. Anyone who hears about us may travel with our groups.

We successfully provide trips through our various committees: Excursion, Theatre and Travel. SERA offers day, weekend and week-long trips which our volunteers plan and arrange for our travelers.

Our Travel Committee provides trips through a bid process to various locations across the globe. We keep a mailing list of approximately 500+ travelers and the flyers for these trips are mailed to those who travel with us regularly. We also distribute flyers to state agencies across the Commonwealth to be posted in each agency.

Some examples of our successful and much requested Travel trips include: Italy, Caribbean and Hawaiian cruises, Alaska, Egypt, London, Paris, Ireland, river cruises on the Rhine and Mississippi rivers, bus trips to New England, Canada and Mackinac Island; just to name a few. We encourage any visitors to our website to send us suggestions by filling out the form below.